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  • Amoretti Teriyaki Extract W.S.
  • Amoretti Teriyaki Extract W.S.

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Teriyaki Extract Water Soluble

$ 20.99


  • Amoretti Item #1175
  • Amoretti Item #
  • Highly concentrated extractions and essential oils
  • Cold pressed and virtually alcohol free
  • Kosher
  • Bake-proof and freeze-thaw stable
  • Versatile for any of your gourmet creations

Amoretti Teriyaki Extract is infused with the taste and aroma of soy sauce and sweet rice wine, and is a great flavor enhancement to Asian cuisine. It provides an exotic flavor to your culinary creations, with the convenience of an extract. But the uses are not limited to Asian cuisine. This aromatic extract is great for flavoring just about everything from a bowl of noodles to soups and stews to burgers.

Amoretti Teriyaki Extract is the product most often chosen by professional chefs because it has all of the natural flavor of traditional teriyaki without the alcohol, chemicals and artificial colors found in other extracts. Now Amoretti is making this incredible extract available to home cooks.

Amoretti Teriyaki Extract will enhance the flavor of a wide variety of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Add Amoretti Teriyaki Extract to brines, marinades, or sauces and see if it doesn't become one of your favorite ways to flavor food. You will love having this extract in your pantry and will find many uses for it in any type of cuisine.

As always, Amoretti stands behind every product they sell, so if you are disappointed with our teriyaki extract for any reason, let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

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