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What's behind the name Amoretti?
Amoretti comes from the word amore in Italian, which means love. Amoretti, at least our definition of it, means 'little love'. When it was founded nearly thirty years ago, this company was our little love, and it still is today. Yes, we are romantics at heart.
The company name sounds familiar. Where else have we seen you?
We have a very strong presence on Amazon, where you may have come across several hundred of our products. We also happen to be the secret ingredient in many recipes for large, Fortune 500-sized companies. In other words, you most likely have tried our products in your favorite coffee, cake, ice cream, cookie, cocktail, and many other culinary creations without ever knowing it.
What makes Amoretti products different than competing brands?
In one word, quality. In a second word, concentration. We wholeheartedly believe in the outstanding quality of our products. After all, they have stood the test of time for nearly three decades. Generally speaking, Amoretti items are many times more concentrated than similar products. Once you understand how they are designed to be used, they are remarkably easy and unmatched in flavor delivery, and are oftentimes the chosen ingredients by world-famous pastry chefs in national competitions.
What's the easiest way to order Amoretti products?
Either on our own website or on Amazon. If you purchase on our website, you can check out with your Amazon ID. If you are purchasing on a mobile phone, you can also pay with Apple Pay. You're also more than welcome to call us directly at 1-800-266-7388.
What if I'm located outside of the US?
Orders on can be shipped to the US or Canada. If you're in another country, feel free to email us at or call us at 1-800-266-7388 and we can guide you through the international ordering process. We can ship to any country in the world which FedEx services.
How does Amoretti ship my orders?
Amoretti has teamed up with Amazon to bring you incredibly fast shipping on many products we offer. Many of our products are directly fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), which means if the item is in stock in Amazon's fulfillment centers, your order should ship within 1 business day. Otherwise, Amoretti will fulfill your order from Southern California, and your order should ship in 1-2 days. We also offer expedited shipping options as well.
What kind of promotions does Amoretti offer?
Many kinds! We typically run seasonal promotions throughout the year for all major holidays, and we also offer unique promo codes at the events which we attend. It's been rumored that if you're super sweet to our customer service reps, they might whisper to you a current promo code which you can when checking out your order.
What's the best way to contact Amoretti?
If you have specific questions about an order you placed either on Amazon or, you can email us (with your order number) at If you have a non-order related question, are curious about our offerings, or simply want to email us your favorite joke, send an email to If all else fails, simply call us at 1-800-266-7388. We'd love to hear from you!
How do I use your products? Do I need to be a professional to do so?
Anybody can use our products. You do not have to be a professional pastry chef to do so. The only strong recommendation we offer is to purchase a digital gram scale in order to properly and accurately weigh our products such as compounds, extracts, food colors, and concentrates. Since Amoretti products are typically so much more concentrated than other brands, you may or may not have success with simply eyeballing recipes and formulas. You might succeed in making a delicious creation, but you will have difficulty replicating it if you didn't initially weigh your ingredients.
Do you have minimum order requirements?
Never! Since Amoretti was founded nearly 30 years, we've never had any minimum order requirements, and we never will. Order as little or as much as you'd like.
Do you have a policy for sending out free samples?
If you've placed an order, simply email your order number to, and we would be happy to send you a sample of a flavor you'd like to try. Samples and orders will ship separately.
What is the shelf life of your items?
Shelf life is item-specific and lot-specific. Generally speaking, the shelf life of most items will be 8-12 months from the date you receive it. In some cases, the shelf life can actually be an additional 2-3 years. If you're unsure, simply email with the lot number (printed on the unit) of the item you're curious about, and we'll let you know!
What are the differences between your product lines, such as compounds, extracts, and swirls?
This is the million dollar question, and a large portion of the answer is the concentration level of each product. In other words, take a flavor like pineapple. Our most concentrated form of pineapple would be our pineapple extract, which is like the essential oils of the pineapple. While it does not contain any pineapple fruit in it, you can use it to flavor cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, cheesecakes, chocolates, ice cream – you name it. Our pineapple compound is slightly less concentrated, but it does contain actual pineapple fruit in the product. It's ideal for cakes, cheesecakes, ice creams, gelato, or any other medium where you would want the actual fruit in your final product. Our pineapple artisan is slightly less concentrated than our compound, and it's designed for cold applications like ice cream and gelato. Nonetheless, many customers still bake with our artisan products. Our pineapple swirl would be our least concentrated form of pineapple, and it does contain pineapple fruit. You would use it as liberally as you'd like without worrying about use-percentages. Remember, if you're ever confused, we're always just one phone call or email away.
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