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Resources and information to guarantee award winning alternative infusion creations.

We specialize in the highest quality ingredients, premium products, and incomparable flavors. With over 30 years of experience in the culinary and beverage industry, we’ve helped the alternative industry achieve award-winning success. Our top selling products for the alternative industry include Oil & Water Soluble Extracts, Artisan Natural Flavors, Compounds, and Beverage Infusions. However, we have seen success with all of our product lines – and with flavors ranging from fruity to nutty, floral to spicy, and tropical to chocolaty, we have everything you need to empower your imagination. Welcome to the world of Amoretti!

Amoretti Extracts


Flavor and aroma / no sugars

Suggested Use Level:

Food: 1-3% by weight

Beverage: 0.01-0.03% by weight (about 1.5-3oz by weight per 111 gallons)

Extracts make up our largest product line and are the most concentrated product we offer. With more than 500 extracts, we have an unmatched variety of flavors. This is the best option for a superior flavor and aroma without any added sugar. Our highly concentrated, water-soluble extracts are typically clear and impart a minimal amount of color to no color in your final product. Extracts can be added at any time during your process. Browse all available flavors on our website.
Amoretti Artisan Natural Flavor

Artisan Natural Flavors

Super Concentrated & Cost Effective

Suggested Use Level:

Food: 3-5% by weight

Beverage: 0.5-1% by weight (about 7-14oz by weight per 10 gallons)

Designed originally for cold desserts, our Artisan Natural Flavors quickly became a favorite among brewers as a cost-effective solution to offering a bold, uncompromised fruit flavor. This top seller is a fantastic alternative to the standard fruit puree, cutting costs for storage and preparation. Explore unique flavors like birthday cake, French toast, and even toasted marshmallow. Artisan Natural Flavors are thicker in consistency and we recommend premixing or dissolving prior to dosing your main batch or keg. More than 70 flavors are currently available on our website.
Amoretti Extracts


Contains Sugars / Shelf Stable

Suggested Use Level:

Food: 3-5% by weight

Beverage: 0.5-1% by weight (about 7-14 oz by weight per 10 gallons)

Compound infusions are ideal for alternative flavoring. Not only are the versatile and delicious but economical as well, at your finger tips at all times Amoretti Compounds are shelf stable and ready for performance. With most compounds at the use level of 3-5% by weight. We have over 100 flavors available. Browse our website to see all of the selection.
Amoretti Compounds

Beverage Ingusions

Real Fruit & Low Calories

Suggested Use Level:

Beverage: 2-5% by weight (about 2.9-5.8 Fl oz per 1 gallon)

We pack the delicious real fruit aroma and taste into our Beverage Infusions for a premium product that delivers a well-rounded flavor every time. Our secret is the perfect balance of sweetness, tartness, flavor, and aroma. Rediscover what makes a perfect finish with simple, quality ingredients. Explore all 21 flavors available on our website.

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Designed with a more sweet- and tart-forward profile, Artisan Natural Flavors range in consistency from honey-like to a thicker paste. Artisan Natural Flavors are colored naturally with plants extractives and are backed with the fresh taste of real fruit.
Designed for a well-rounded flavor that includes sweetness, tartness, some color, and in some items fruit filaments, Compounds contain the most amount fruit. The color in our fruit-flavored compounds comes from the source fruit and can contain filaments of fruit as well, no additional color is added.
Created for virtually all applications, our water-soluble and oil-soluble extracts offer the true essence of the flavor you’re after. Extracts are the most concentrated and versatile product line, with more than 500 flavors available. With little to no sugar, extracts provide a quality flavor and aroma but no sweetness or tartness. Most extracts are clear.
Beverage Infusions
Created to infuse a burst of flavor into your cocktails, seltzer waters, sodas, ciders, teas, sauces, yogurts and more, our Beverage Infusions are easy-to-use and made of real fruit, super-concentrated, and shelf-stable (even after opening).
Yes, please feel free to contact your Account Manager direct or reach out to us for the product’s TTB Flavor Ingredient Data Sheets (FID Sheet).
Yes. While our products are often designed for a specific use, many clients have found unique applications. These applications include cider, spritz, seltzers, kombucha, cocktails, mocktails, and smoothies. The same use levels of each product line apply but may require adjustments depending on your desired end result and the existing flavor profiles within your beverage.


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