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  • Amoretti Natural Boysenberry Extract Oil Soluble


Natural Boysenberry Extract Oil Soluble

$ 24.99


  • Amoretti Item #1402
  • Highly concentrated extractions and essential oils
  • Cold pressed and virtually alcohol free
  • Kosher
  • Bake-proof and freeze-thaw stable
  • Versatile for any of your gourmet creations

Amoretti’s Natural Boysenberry Extract will add the lovely taste and aroma of ripe boysenberries to your repertoire of flavors! The sweet flavor of our boysenberry extract is rounded off with a slight tang and subtle floral note that is much like a cross between a blackberry and raspberry. Our oil-soluble extract is ideal for chocolate applications and allows melted chocolate to retain its smooth texture. Impart the flavor of boysenberries into a silky-smooth chocolate ganache filling for dark chocolate truffles. The rich taste of chocolate is the perfect pair for the complex berry flavor that our boysenberry extract provides.

Amoretti’s Natural Boysenberry Extract can also be used to flavor chocolate barks, brittles, swirls, bonbons and more. Enjoy these confections by themselves or work them into your favorite baked goods. Chocolate bark chunks make an excellent addition to any batch of cookie or brownie batter and provide not just an amazing taste but also a comforting rustic feel. A chocolate swirl is another versatile option that can be used in the batter of cheesecakes, cakes, or cupcakes. The result is a beautiful marbling that adds to the taste of your dessert as well as its visual appeal. Regardless of application, the flavor of boysenberries is best enjoyed when using Amoretti’s Natural Boysenberry Extract.

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