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Craft Beer Week 2018

Posted on 14 May 2018

It's Craft Beer Week! We're celebrating Craft Beer Week with a ton of super simple (and delicious) beer cocktails using a few of our favorite Amoretti products: Craft Purées and Premium Syrups.


Amoretti Grapefruit IPA

GRAPEFRUIT IPA Add ⅓-1 pump Grapefruit Craft Puree to a chilled goblet. Pour in your favorite IPA and serve!

Amoretti Recipe: Grapefruit IPA


Amoretti Mango Pilsner

MANGO PILSNER Add ⅓-1 pump Mango Craft Puree to a chilled pint glass. Pour in a fruity pilsner and serve! Enjoy with shrimp tacos topped with colorful slaw. ¡Salud!

Amoretti Recipe: Mango Pilsner


Amoretti Root Beer Stout

ROOT BEER STOUT Add ½-1 pump Root Beer Syrup to a chilled pint glass. Pour in some of your favorite stout and stir to dissolve syrup completely. Fill glass with remaining stout and serve! Salty peanuts, snack mix, and popcorn are naturals with this beer.

Amoretti Recipe: Root Beer Stout


Amoretti Raspberry Wheat

RASPBERRY WHEAT Add ⅓-1 pump Raspberry Craft Puree to a frosty tulip glass. Pour in your favorite wheat beer and serve! Sip with hot, crispy onion rings.

Amoretti Recipe: Raspberry Wheat


Amoretti Passion Fruit IPA

PASSION FRUIT IPA Add ⅓-1 pump Passion Fruit Craft Puree to a chilled goblet. Pour in an ice-cold IPA and serve! Try with fish tacos and passion fruit pico de gallo for a tropical feast.

Amoretti Recipe: Passion Fruit IPA


Amoretti Wild Strawberry Rhubarb Pilsner

WILD STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PILSNER Add ⅓-1 pump Wild Strawberry Rhubarb Craft Puree to an icy pilsner glass. Pour in your favorite pilsner and serve!

Amoretti Recipe: Wild Strawberry Rhubarb Pilsner


Which Craft Purée would pair perfectly with your favorite beer? Let us know your dream combo in the comments below!

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    Happy brewing!
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