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BrewsNews Interview with Larry Meagher

Posted on 07 September 2018

Our VP of Sales, Larry Meagher, recently had a chance to visit Australia and sat down with renowned beer educator and commentator, Matt Kirkegaard, at BrewsNews to chat about the future of flavor in craft beer.

Learn how Amoretti grew with the craft beer market, working with individual brewers to create consistent, quality flavor. "They ask for it, we make it," Larry shared, from spicy Habanero to Moscow Mule. While Matt's suggestions of chili mud crab and ambergris flavorings might not catch on, other requests like White Peach and Yuzu have become customer favorites. And that is the heart of the Amoretti mission, making flavor dreams come true.

A huge thanks to Bintani and BrewsNews for allowing us to share our passion! Listen to the full podcast below.

Originally posted on here on BrewsNews as part of their Beer is a Conversation series.

Correction: When using Compounds for brewing, we recommend 0.5-1% by weight or about 7-14oz by weight per 10 gallons of beer and 3-5% by weight for baking applications.


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