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  • Amoretti Raisin Extract W.S.
  • Raisin Extract Water Soluble
  • Amoretti Raisin Extract W.S.

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Raisin Extract Water Soluble

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  • Amoretti Item #576
  • Highly concentrated extractions and essential oils
  • Cold pressed and virtually alcohol free
  • Kosher
  • Bake-proof and freeze-thaw stable
  • Versatile for any of your gourmet creations
  • TTB Approved

If you haven't discovered the deep, dark flavor and sweetness of raisins, Amoretti Raisin Extract provides you with the opportunity. Amoretti Raisin Extract is an ideal addition to both sweet and savory dishes, making it a smart addition to your pantry or spice cabinet.

Amoretti Raisin Extract is extremely versatile and can be used in breads, muffins and pastries to not only enhance the flavor and color of the dough, but also act as a natural preservative in the finished baked good. Amoretti Raisin Extract can also be used in marinades or sauces for chicken, pork and game, or to create a delicious breakfast syrup for cinnamon raisin pancakes or waffles.

Amoretti Raisin Extract is the extract most often chosen by professionals because it has natural flavor with no alcohol, no chemicals and no artificial colors. Now Amoretti is making this versatile extract available to home cooks, too, and because of its long shelf life, Amoretti Raisin Extract is going to be with you a long time, without any flavor deterioration.

Amoretti Raisin Extract can add flavor to homemade rum raisin ice cream, or add a unique flavor to tea, beer, vodka, or wine. Just give it a try, and we can pretty much guarantee it will be one of your favorite extracts.

So add Amoretti Raisin Extract to your spice cabinet and see if it doesn't become your favorite way to add a unique flavor where ever you use it. As always, if you are disappointed with the product for any reason, let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

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Customer Reviews

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Dead on but a little unpronouced

I love this flavor, works great for adding to baked goods, we have used it in cinnamon muffins, cinnamon rolls, breads, and even used a bit in a icing for a topping. The flavor is dead on but seems a bit under pronounced. This is on no way the companies fault, the flavor most associate with raisins is part of the sweetness, you have to pair it with a earthly slightly sweet flavor to bring it out more, In baked goods try with cinnamon, coconut sugar, brown sugar, or nuts. With the icing we found using a torch to give a bit of a burnt sugar flavor to the very top really brought it out.

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