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Pickled Jalapeno Craft Puree®

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Bold, Complex, Tangy

Amoretti’s Pickled Jalapeno Craft Purée® delivers delicious bold flavor to your brew, all while accentuating complex, tangy profile notes. A perfect compliment to a variety of hops, craft a phenomenal brew with an irresistible savory finish. Enjoy exceptional taste with ease – no waste, no refrigeration, filtered & shelf stable. Experience the Amoretti difference today!

Product Details

  • Item #CP27
  • Filtered
  • Super Concentrated
  • Pasteurized
  • Naturally Flavored
  • No Preservatives
  • Kosher & TTB Approved
  • No Agitating/Mixing Needed
  • Add During or Post-Brew Process
  • Shelf Stable*
  • Includes 1 Free Pump**   


*All Amoretti Craft Purées® remain shelf-stable even after opening. For optimal color retention of reds, please refrigerate. Mix well before use.

**1 Pump is included for 750ml 6-pack and 750ml 12-pack sizes. Gallons, Buckets (6 gallon), Drums (55 gallon), Totes (275 gallon) also available.


Flavoring craft beer from a glass to a tank!
Creating delicious cocktails, beverages, and more!
Elevating liqueurs, wines, and champagnes!

Use Levels 

DRINK USE LEVEL: 1/3 -1 pump per 12 fl oz 
(about 1-3 fl oz by weight per gallon)
Find out more about our use levels here.


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