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Pineapple Syrup


$ 15.99


  • Amoretti Item #AS-54
  • Made with natural flavor
  • Perfect for flavoring coffee, tea, seltzer, and more
  • Only 35 calories per pump and 62 servings per bottle
  • 1 free pump included per pack
  • Proudly made in Southern California

Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup, produced in sunny Southern California, contains no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup. It is thick, rich and highly concentrated without being obsessively sweet.

When you think about a cocktail featuring pineapple flavor, I'm sure the first one that comes to mind is the piña colada, but there so many other beverages that can be made with Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup, like Pisco Punch or a Brandy Fix, or you can replace the simple syrup in just about any cocktail recipe with Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup.

It is also an excellent flavor to add to milkshakes, smoothies and protein drinks. A banana split wouldn't be the same without pineapple syrup to go along with the chocolate and strawberry syrups. In fact, dessert recipes that use pineapple syrup abound. Cheesecakes, Napoleons, or just plain yogurt or ice cream with pineapple syrup as a topping can help deliver a delicious finish to the perfect meal. So, invest in a bottle of Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup and mix up some cocktails or make some tasty dessert treats. No matter how you decide to use it, Amoretti Premium Pineapple Syrup will never disappoint.

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