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  • Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup

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Lemon Syrup


$ 14.99


  • Amoretti Item #AS-49
  • Made with natural flavor
  • Perfect for flavoring coffee, tea, seltzer, and more
  • Only 35 calories per pump and 62 servings per bottle
  • 1 free pump included per pack
  • Proudly made in Southern California

Amoretti extracts the essence of fresh lemons to create Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup. This highly fragrant syrup with a distinctive tart, not sour, taste contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup.

When most people think of lemon syrup the first thing that comes to their minds is beverages. Use Amoretti Premium Lemon syrup to make lemonade, lemon hot or iced tea, and Italian soda, or mixed with Amoretti Premium Lime Syrup and sparkling water to make lemon-lime flavored sodas.

You can use Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup to make the most delicious cocktails you and your friends have ever tasted, from a simple whiskey sour to more excitingly different cocktails like daiquiris, margaritas, and martinis. Because of its tart flavor, Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup is the perfect flavoring for sweet or savory dishes. Lemon cake, cookies and pie recipes can use Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup, but there are also many savory applications. Use it to create marinades and basting sauces for meats and seafood, and nothing beats buttered lemon poppy seed muffins with breakfast. You can be sure that the quality ingredients in Amoretti Premium Lemon Syrup will always be reflected in the finished product.

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