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  • Amoretti Premium Floral Syrups
  • Amoretti Premium Floral Syrups


Floral Syrups 3 Pack

$ 9.59 $ 11.99


  • Amoretti Item #43125040
  • Amoretti Item #43125125
  • Ideal for coffee, tea, soda, seltzer, iced tea, cocktails, etc
  • 3.5 servings per 50ml bottle and 62 servings per 750ml bottle
  • PERFECT for gifts and sampling

Amoretti Premium Floral Syrups 3 pack is fantastic for all your floral flavoring needs! Rose is a unique and distinct floral flavor that is incredibly elegant and refined. Violet Lavender is intensely aromatic and uniquely delicious floral flavor. With citrus notes, Orange Blossom hits a deep floral note with a beautiful aroma. Any of these three alone would be a knockout, but when you put them together, it’s an amazing combination. These small sizes are fantastic as small gifts or to carry anywhere you go!

Manufactured in Southern California from natural ingredients, Amoretti Premium Floral Syrups contain no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners, no high fructose corn syrup, and are certified kosher. They are richer and more concentrated than any competitor's syrup, so rest assured you are using a product manufactured with the best ingredients available.

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