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  • Almond Modeling Marzipan (not bake-proof)
  • Almond Modeling Marzipan (not bake-proof)


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Almond Modeling Marzipan (not bake-proof)

$ 15.99


  • Amoretti Item #2
  • Nut-based paste
  • Ideal for modeling applications and airbrush color
  • Not bake-proof
  • Kosher

Amoretti’s Almond Modeling Marzipan has the highest almond content of our marzipan products and can be enjoyed with baked goods, chocolates, or just by itself! While ideal for edible marzipan fruits, our almond modeling marzipan can easily be used as a filling for pastries or cut and coated in rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate for a creamy, velvety marzipan chocolate bar. Celebrate the smooth, sweet taste and bold, prominent flavors of almond marzipan in all your favorite desserts with Amoretti.

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