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Irish Coffee Panna Cotta

Posted on 20 February 2017

Panna cotta is soft, melt in your mouth delicious. The buttermilk flavor is subtle yet adds a layer of depth. While that’s enough on its own, you can also infuse your panna cotta with whatever taste you’d like! You could use fruit, chocolate, and plenty of other flavors to achieve a delicious dessert. For this recipe, though, we decided that decadent Irish coffee would be just right.

Using both plain panna cotta and Irish coffee infused panna cotta, we’ve created a unique, creamy, exquisitely yummy dessert that will disappear the instant you serve it! Top off the velvety cups of panna cotta with oat streusel and a chocolate garnish for a bit of crunchy deliciousness. This dish is so visually pleasing that you might have a hard time sticking your spoon into it at first. But don’t worry, one bite and you’ll be hooked!


  • ½ cup sugar
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ¾ cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup oats
  • ½ cup (1 stick) butter, cold and cubed


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  2. In a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, stir together sugar, brown sugar, flour, and oats.
  3. Add butter and mix until sandy.
  4. Spread the streusel on a parchment-lined sheet pan and bake for 6-8 minutes until lightly browned.
  5. Remove, stir, and let cool.
  1. Whisk gelatin and ¼ cup cream together in a small bowl, set aside.
  2. Warm the remaining cream, buttermilk, sugar, and vanilla bean seeds to simmering.
  3. Remove from heat and add the gelatin, stirring to dissolve completely.
  4. Strain the mixture thru a fine mesh sieve.
  5. Divide mixture into 2 separate containers.
  6. Add Irish Coffee Compound to one and stir to combine.
  7. Chill each mixture in an ice bath or in the refrigerator just till it’s cool but not set.
  8. Lay a glass or bowl at an angle and pour the Irish Coffee mixture in and let it set in the refrigerator.
  9. Once the panna cotta has set, pour in the vanilla panna cotta mixture. Let set in the refrigerator.
  10. Top the panna cotta with the oat streusel and a chocolate garnish.
  • Use a muffin tin to hold the glasses or bowls while you pour in the panna cotta mixture.
  • If possible, pour the panna cotta mixtures into the containers while they are in the refrigerator, so the mix is not disturbed once poured.
  • If the panna cotta has set before you pour it, simply melt it in the microwave, gently stirring every minute. Do not let it boil. It should be just melted; if it is too hot, it must be cooled before pouring onto the chilled flavored panna cotta.
  • Extra panna cotta can be kept in the refrigerator for a week.
Our Irish Coffee Panna Cotta is a fancy dessert for those nights you need to impress guests!

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