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Cookies and Cream Tiramisu

Posted on 01 September 2017

If cookies and cream is your favorite, try this fun twist on tiramisu! Chocolate sandwich cookies are dipped in milk and layered with fluffy, sweetened, cookies-and-cream-ified mascarpone. Yeah, our mouths are watering too.



  1. In a medium bowl, mix together mascarpone, sugar, and Cookies & Cream Spread until smooth.
  2. In a separate bowl, whip heavy cream until medium peaks form. Fold whipped cream into mascarpone mixture, 1/3 at a time, until almost no streaks remain. Set aside.
  3. Dip Oreos one at a time in milk, and line the bottom of a 9×13 dish with a single layer of cookies.
  4. Spread half the mascarpone and whipped cream mixture evenly over the cookies, using an offset spatula to get to the edges.
  5. Again dipping the Oreos in milk, add another layer of cookies.
  6. Cover the cookies with the remaining filling. Cover and chill overnight.
  7. Sprinkle with cocoa powder just before serving.

Adapted from’s Biscoff Tiramisu.

  • Try making individual servings in 4oz canning jars, they're the perfect diameter for a single Oreo! Larger half pint jars will make a more substantial serving.
Have fun making Cookies and Cream Tiramisu!

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