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  • Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla 2 Fold Extract W.S


Vanilla Tahitian W.S. 2x

$ 13.99


  • Highly concentrated extractions and essential oils
  • Cold pressed and virtually alcohol free
  • Kosher
  • Bake-proof and freeze-thaw stable
  • Versatile for any of your gourmet creations

Vanilla, with its wonderful flavor and aroma, is the most widely used flavoring for pastries, confections, and other desserts, and it is the second most expensive spice in the world. Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) delivers a delicate, fruity flavor with light floral overtones.

A favorite of pastry chefs around the world, Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) delivers a floral, fruity flavor without the addition of alcohol, chemicals, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Amoretti now makes this delicious extract available to home cooks and bakers, offering them the opportunity to effortlessly add delicious, delicate Tahitian vanilla flavor to their own creations.

With the sweet flowery nature of Tahitian vanilla beans, Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) pairs beautifully with delicate fruit-based desserts, ice creams, gelatos and custards that don't require intense heat to prepare, as its flavor is lost when heated. Infused with all the natural flavor you would expect from an Amoretti product, Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) is always ready to add its sweet floral fragrance to flans, cream pies, and whipping cream.

Beverages are another place where Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) gives a new dimension to your everyday milkshake or smoothie.

As always, Amoretti guarantees customer satisfaction, so if you are disappointed with Amoretti Tahitian Vanilla (2 fold) just let us know and we will do whatever we can to make you happy.

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