Blueberry Extract Water Soluble

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Kathi Mims
Blueberry Extract

This is the closest to blueberry taste I have found on the market. The smell was not as I expected right out of the bottle, but it is interesting. My brain had to think if I was smelling blueberries or not. The genius, however, is in the flavor profile. Yes. Thank you. It's good.

Matt Huber
Blue-berry fun

It smells just like blueberries and very easy to use with the directions on the bottle.

Eric Tannenbaum
Very good quality blueberry extract!

I am used to alcohol based extracts from national distr brands so I was a little concerned about using water soluble extracts.

In practice, I noticed no major differences and I don't have to worry about any "overt alcohol" flavor from accidental over use (sometimes they happen!).

When making blueberry protein smoothies, I use 2 servings of fresh frozen blueberries and add 2 teaspoons of Amoretti Blueberry Extract (one per serving), add vanilla protein powder and maple syrup, dry milk to make a 72 oz 1100 calorie and 100g protein ->> FANTASTICALLY DELICIOUS Blueberry smoothie!

Very much worth the cost of this excellent quality product!! Thanks Amoretti!!

Exceptional flavor, some limitations

We love Amoretti, but have issues with the concentration levels and heat stability of some of your extracts. We do find we have to use about 2x the amount (for gummy candy) as some other concentrates/extracts to achieve the flavor levels we like, which makes the price point relatively unattractive. But this is also the only Blueberry flavor we’ve found that really delivers on a natural blueberry profile.

Ennis, Erogo
Blueberry without the chemical taste

This blueberry flavor is great for bringing out a blueberry flavor in sensitive foods like icings, ice cream, raw desert dips, macaroons, and various other deserts, It has the blueberry flavor with none of the chemical or alcohol taste I find in other extracts. This makes this one of the BEST blueberry extracts I have ever founds, and I highly recommend it. It is insanely good in frostings/whipped toppings where the clear formula with little after taste can surprise people and add a nice twist to your deserts.