Black Cherry Beverage Infusion

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Omega One
Love it!

The Black CHERRY INFUSION is great. I use it in plain seltzer to make cherry soda.

Great cherry taste

Great for a cherry soda or add a squirt to any other soda. I love the taste.

You can not have enough.

This flavor is better than any soda or juice you may find in this flavor. Flavor is rich which is what I like. Made from real fruit is a plus. Better for your wallet. So get yours now

Destiny Davison Doremus
Black Cherry Beverage Infusion

First; I am severely allergic to citric acid and finding products that I can add to bottled water to improve the taste is extremely, ding-dang, near impossible, to find, until . . . I found this company. Not only has it changed my life, but my entire family loves it, so we've all been drinking a lot more water as a result! Not only is this a great product [not a paid endorsement, just my opinion] I also have to say that I am so impressed with their customer service and communication. When I reached out to them regarding allergen free products that I could try, I got immediate, and very helpful, answers via email, from Customer Service Rep Mai, which, to be honest, is extremely unusual these days. So impressive! I could not be happier with my experience and give it five stars and an A+!

Richard Mizer
Amoretti beverage infusions are much better than Soda Stream offerings!

I'll do my best to keep to the point of this review. It's for the Black Cherry Beverage Infusion.

I initially bought a Soda Stream because I thought it was crazy paying so much for carbonated water, aka sparkling water. I drink the carbonated water because drinking regular water (for me, reverse OS) was boring. Carbonated water became boring for me. In-comes Amoretti! I have tried several of their flavor offerings in the last month. By far, the Black Cherry is my favorite! For me, the flavor is more of a umami experience. The flavor hits after a sip. Is this strange on my part? Don't know and don't care. Still enjoy Amoretti! I need to order a couple more bottles! (This is a non-paid endorsement! Ha Ha).