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Amoretti Sugar Free Syrups

Posted on 06 October 2017

What makes Amoretti Sugar-Free Syrups different than others ? They're different in many ways. The most important difference is that our sugar-free syrups are natural - and they do not contain any artificial sweeteners - none whatsoever. Amoretti Sugar-Free Syrups do have a little bit of calories. The calories come from the natural extraction process of the flavor itself - whether it's almonds, hazelnuts or vanilla when we extract them a little bit of calories also go into the final product. We find the majority of our customers prefer to enjoy a natural product with no preservatives and a small amount of calories as opposed to a product which has zero calories and which is loaded with artificial sweeteners.

Amoretti Sugar-Free Syrups are sweetened by the natural extraction process of the flavor itself. What you end up with is a product that's very pleasantly sweet as opposed to something that tastes really super sweet with zero calories but is loaded with our artificial sweeteners.

Amoretti Sugar Free Syrups:
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