Dark Chocolate Compound

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Joe Flores
So good

I’ve been using this compound for a few years now every time I want a great chocolate flavor in my stouts. Highly Recommend it!

Dick Mergens

Dark Chocolate Compound

Patricia Corbett-Kline
Ok Compound

Not as flavorful as expected, but still good (I have purchased the banana compound and love it!). I have used the dark chocolate compound only once, so I will use it in some other projects to rule out that it wasn't just what it was added to. I also used a small amount, I may need to add a bit more compound. I really like the Amoretti compounds and extracts, I have tried the banana compound and extract, the dark chocolate compound, and the toasted coconut extract, the quality and taste of these products are so much better then anything you would buy in the store and you only need small amounts.I really like that a lot of their products are alcohol free as I think the flavor is more apparent and true, rather then the alcohol taste you get with store bought extracts.

Corliss Johnson

Dark Chocolate Compound

Delivers On Taste

I write this review as a home baker not a commercial baker. I have long looked for a way to add true flavor and scent to my baking but have been disappointed by the standard offerings which seem short on taste, void of scent and often leave a rank after taste. When the products arrived I was excited but concerned as all the info that came with them was geared to large commercial bakers. I did not need to flavor ten pounds of batter, only a single cake! I reviewed the data, and came to the conclusion that there was no way to accurately measure using the supplied data. I dropped back to the old school of trial and error, starting with the smallest unit of measure I had 1/8 tsp and went from there. I opted to test on ice cream, figured I only lost some cream if things went wrong. Knowing I would lose flavor from the chill I started with 1/8 tsp and continued until I had the flavor and scent I wanted. The desired level of taste came at 1/2 tsp of compound substituted into a recipe that called for 1 tablespoon of flavor. Mighty big difference! The chocolate flavor was incredible, the scent devine and no after taste! I tried the same recipe with strawberry and coconut compounds, the substitution was identical, 1/2 tsp. I imagine a substitution pattern will appear for like items as I work with these compounds.. These compounds are incredible, a little goes a very long way. Use them correctly and the results are stunning. Worth the time and money, a great investment!