Apricot Craft Puree®

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Gaberiel Aufderheide
Great product

Used this in a one off seasonal beer with great results. Awesome aroma!

Wyatt Shipwash
Apricot puree

As always its top shelf

Very good apricot flavor, mixes well into beverages

I purchased this Apricot Craft Puree, along with two of the artisan flavors. All had great fruit flavor that tasted natural and not at all fake. The craft puree was easier to mix into beverages because I could just add this to cold iced tea, give it a quick stir and drink! One note is that this puree has some sugar, although at the low level that I needed it to flavor my iced tea, I still added separate sweetener for sweetness.

Raymond Miller

Worked out well

Chris Papen
Perfect! Great customer service

I added Apricot to my Cream Ale on the canning line, oh my, perfect is all I can say, the flavor is fresh and blends with the malt back bone of the Cream Ale, low hopping (19 IBU) helps,to bring the flavor forward and complement the beer. This is perfect and I want to make sure to thank Cheryl Shepard, she is one of the customer service people with Amoretti. She was so helpful and got me steered in the right direction. I would more then recommend this product to all! Thanks!