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  • Amoretti Gourmet Pecan Praline Icing

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Gourmet Pecan Praline Icing

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Light, Nutty, Flavorful

Amoretti’s Gourmet Pecan Praline Icing is perfect for piping, glazing, filling, and dipping. Simply whip to a workable consistency to use. Mix with whipped cream, buttercream, cream cheese, and so much more – enjoy the rich, buttery goodness of 40% roasted pecans and finish all your recipes with a delicious pecan taste.

Product Details

  • Item #ICE-17
  • Naturally flavored
  • Naturally colored
  • Kosher & Vegan
  • Shelf-stable*
  • Gluten-free 


*All Amoretti Gourmet Icings remain shelf-stable even after opening. Up to 50% of Amoretti Gourmet Icings can be incorporated into your desired mixture.

Amoretti Gourmet Pecan Praline Icing should NOT be heated.


Some of our favorite applications: mixing 25% of Amoretti gourmet icings into whipped cream, butter, cream, or cream cheese for a light, flavorful frosting.

What our customers love: heating Amoretti Gourmet Icings* in a double boiler for glazing cake pops, mousses, and cookies or mixing into chocolate ganache for macarons. 

*The following Amoretti Gourmet Icings should NOT be heated: ICE-11ICE-13, and ICE-16.

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