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  • Woodruff Craft Puree®
  • Woodruff Craft Puree®


Woodruff Craft Puree®

$ 27.99


  • Amoretti Item #CP-23
  • Revolutionary flavoring concept for alcoholic beverages
  • Made with natural flavor
  • Available in over 40 flavors
  • Ships with a free pump
  • Proudly made in Southern California
  • TTB Approved

Join the revolution.
Inspiration & resources for brewmasters.

Woodruff is a flower with a sweet, intense aromatic taste that beautifully complements wines, beers, and teas. With our Woodruff Craft Puree® you can easily capture the appealing floral tones of woodruff in any of your unique creations!

Easily customize your favorite craft beers such as IPAs, lagers, stouts, and saisons, especially since our Craft Puree®s are the same consistency as your beer! And don't forget about your champagne, cocktails, lemonades, teas, Italian sodas, liqueurs, wines, sangrias, shakes, smoothies, and any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages you can dream up! Our Woodruff Craft Puree® brings a burst of satisfying taste to your creations.

Our Craft Puree®s are super concentrated, filtered, and shelf stable. Unlike regular purees, you don't have to worry about spoiling, lack of flavor, or pulp. Whether you're making large batches of beer or homebrewing, easily infuse your beer during the brewing process, by the keg, or by the glass. There is no dissolving or mixing needed, so home brewers and tap rooms can simply pump, pour, and serve! And craft breweries can add versatility by infusing multiple Craft Puree®s into one-off kegs from just one batch!

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