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  • Pear Craft Puree®
  • Pear Craft Puree®
  • Pear Craft Puree®


Pear Craft Puree®

$ 27.99


  • Amoretti Item #CP-33
  • Revolutionary flavoring concept for alcoholic beverages
  • Made with natural flavor
  • Available in over 40 flavors
  • Ships with a free pump
  • Proudly made in Southern California

Join the revolution.
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Whether you like them fresh, dried, canned, or as cider and juice, pears are a favorite all over the world. Sweet and juicy, they make great jams, jellies, and candies. Add the fruity, ripe taste of pears to your creations with our Pear Craft Puree®!

Our Craft Puree® puts naturally delicious fruit into your handcrafted alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. With the same consistency as beer, easily enhance your craft beers, including saisons, lagers, stouts, and IPAs. Get creative and put it into your champagne, cocktails, lemonades, teas, Italian sodas, liqueurs, wines, sangrias, shakes, and smoothies to amaze people with the unique taste of your drinks.

Our Craft Puree® makes it easy to pack your handcrafted drinks with naturally delicious pears. Whether you're making large batches of beer or homebrewing, easily infuse your beer during the brewing process, by the keg, or by the glass. Our Pear Craft Puree® is super concentrated fruit, filtered, and shelf stable. Don't worry about mixing, agitating, or dissolving, it's not necessary! For individual glasses, just pump, pour and serve! And with just 1-3 fluid ounces per gallon, craft breweries can easily produce one-off kegs using a variety of Craft Puree®s.

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