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  • Acai Blue Craft Puree®
  • Acai Blue Craft Puree®
  • Acai Blue Craft Puree®
  • Acai Blue Craft Puree®
  • Acai Blue Craft Puree®

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Acai Blue Craft Puree®

$ 28.99


Juicy, Refreshing, Tropical

Amoretti’s Acai Blue Craft Purée® lets you customize your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with the great taste of real fruit. Craft the perfect brew and discover the unique fruity flavor of acai – it’s our secret to an irresistible finish.

Product Details

  • Item #CP14
  • Preservative-free
  • Naturally flavored
  • Filtered
  • Kosher & TTB Approved
  • Super concentrated
  • Shelf-stable*
  • Includes 1 free pump** 


*All Amoretti Craft Purées® remain shelf-stable even after opening. For optimal color retention of reds, please refrigerate. Mix well before use.

**1 Pump is included for single bottle, 750ml 6-pack, and 750ml 12-pack sizes. Gallons, Buckets (6 gallon), Drums (55 gallon), Totes (275 gallon) also available.


Some of our favorite applications: flavoring beers and cocktails by the glass. Simply pump, pour, and serve your favorite beer or cocktail.

What our customers loveFlavoring craft beer, cocktails, liqueur, wine, and champagne. 

Use Levels 

DRINK USE LEVEL: 1/3 -1 pump per 12 fl oz 
(about 1-3 fl oz by weight per gallon)
Find out more about our use levels here.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome product

Amoretti hits it outta the park with everyone of their products! This one is no different, just an absolute great tasting product!

Açaí blue

Incredible. Love these extracts. Just orders more. Best thing ever for home brewers

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