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Debra Coletti on The Mead House Podcast

Posted on 16 August 2019

Earlier this week, Debra Coletti got another chance to talk to the guys at The Mead House Podcast. Today's conversation was all about balancing flavors for more experimental meads and beers. For instance, who could resist a sip of Pistachio Cookies & Cream White Stout? Though, give us a call when that blueberry pancake mead is ready, eh guys! With Blueberry Artisan, maybe Baked Bread Extract, and just a splash of Maple Extract? What's the craziest combo you've ever tried?

When it comes to blending flavors, it's all about balancing intensities. And remembering to cut back on the use levels as you add more products! Debra suggests premixing your flavors to make sure the ratio is to your liking before adding to a batch.

They also touched on Edible Perfume Sprays (talk about adding another layer to the experience!), some of our most exotic flavors like Guanabana and Spicy Pineapple, and using our Food Colors to punch up the visual appeal of your beverage. After all, we taste with our eyes first.

A huge thanks to The Mead House for having us back to discuss the nuances of flavor! Listen to the full podcast below (skip ahead to 14:30 to hear Debra).

Originally posted on here on The Mead House Podcast.


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