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Debra Coletti on The Mead House Podcast

Posted on 05 April 2019

A few weeks ago, our very own Debra Coletti chatted with JD, Jeff, & Ryan at The Mead House Podcast to share how our products can be used to flavor mead. Due to its inherent sweetness, flavoring mead has different requirements to keep flavors balanced; whereas products with fermentable sugars need to be added late in fermentation to preserve sweetness and carry flavor in beers, that's less of an issue with mead.

Extract: Just flavor and nose, won't add color or sweetness, and no fruit particulates.
0.01-0.02% use by weight (about 1.5-3oz by weight per 111 gallons)

Compound: Most complete fruit flavor, includes natural color from fruit.
0.5-1% use by weight (about 7-14oz by weight per 10 gallons)

Artisan: A more tart version helps flavor come across more accurately at cold temperatures;
generally our most cost-effective line but requires premixing or dissolving to mix evenly.
0.5-1% use by weight (about 7-14oz by weight per 10 gallons)

Craft Puree: Just pour and go! A less concentrated and more liquid version of Artisan that
can be added directly to cold mead, no dissolving necessary.
0.83-2.5% use by weight (about 1.16-3.5oz by weight per 1 gallon)

A huge thanks to The Mead House for allowing us to share our passion for flavor! Listen to the full podcast below.

Originally posted on here on The Mead House Podcast.


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